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Enlightened Indigo Child

is a direct experience written by a parent and child; a 

personal journey of anecdotal stories and insights.

The trials,  tribulations and successes of growing up 

Indigo is shared for support and triumph.

What reviewers are saying

I am grateful that Diandra and her mother Idelle have written this book. It is a true gift.
-Susan C.

Your time will not be wasted on this book. It is a call for conscious humanity in parenting. -William 

 I feel blessed to have found this book...
There are too many empowering concepts to name and summarize, so do find the time to read this. -Analia

Enlightened Indigo Child will open the eyes of parents who are overwhelmed with diagnostic learning disability labels placed upon their sensitive children; and will enlighten the children that they too can finally feel comfortable in their own skin.    
This book helped me to better understand what it feels like to be an Indigo Child as well as be a parent of an Indigo Child.  -Dr. Seema Khaneja -  Board Certified Pediatrician and Integrative Doctor of Eastern/Western Medicine.


This book is long overdue, for the Indigo subject has always been something academic: a revelation of human evolvement. This one is different, since it has been written by an Indigo and her parent with a down-to-earth perspective of living the experience.

So it's the "other side" of the coin, so to speak, what this whole Indigo evolution may be about. Indeed "INDIGOS ARE PEOPLE TOO!"  (the title of Chapter 4), especially when you are reminded that they are now becoming adults!
-Lee Carroll - co author of The Indigo Children

An empowering book!

Thank you Dr. Brand and Diandra, I finally have a name on my "condition" and feel "normal" for the first time. -Eva


 Other books on this topic seem to point to all the "problems" and leave out the solutions. This book has simple, natural and real-life ways to deal with it. -JB


 With all the drugs being pushed on everyone these days, it's nice to know that there are alternative, healthier, non toxic ways to treat whatever the problem may be, and the "side effects" are only positive!!!! -Sherri E.


Enlightened Indigo Child



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Now is the time!

 This book has been such an eye opener, to say the least. I'm healthier and happier. Must read for everyone!


 It changed my life.
I most definitely felt the healing energy this book has
Earth really is our home planet, and all we need to do is fine tune our lifestyle to thrive. This book has solutions.
Success is within reach if we keep an open mind to possibilities outside of society's customary way of thinking.

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